Patmos Paths

Patmos Island is famous for a great number of pathways that stand within the centuries and unfold to the friends of the island, year after year, the beauty that hides when following the trails of a reminiscent era.


Following the paths of Patmos offers to the visitors a unique experience of discovering a landscape of exquisite beauty, combined with having the opportunity to stroll around monuments and archeological sites, monasteries, old chapels and eremites’ caves. Especially during spring time, the visitors have the chance to enjoy all the secret treasures of nature: fields of wild flowers and aromatic herbs as far as the eye can see and spectacular views at the endless blue of the Aegean Sea over the hills that take one’s breath away.

Most of the routes are easily accessible and the feeling of experiencing a new adventure fills the visitors with memories of a lifetime.

Skala – Chora – Skala

The route begins from a historical pathway dating from 1794. On the way back, one can follow a circular direction towards Skala by following the Aporthian path that begins from the area of Mili, passes through the chapel of Saint Vlassis and then leading to Konsolato, one of the most popular neighborhoods of Skala.

(route duration: 70 minutes)


Diakoftis- Psili Ammos

An exciting route unfolds along Stavros bay and heading to the famous beach of Psili Ammos.

In fact, it is one of the most popular paths, since it is the only way of approaching the beach by land.

(route duration: 30 minutes)


Evangelismos – Kipi

On the left side of the monastery of Evangelismos, there is path descending to the valley of Kipi and its pebbled beach where you can enjoy an amazing sunset.

(route duration: 30 minutes)