Patmos Island


The idyllic island of Patmos

In the blue of the Greek Archipelagos on the northwest corner of Dodecanese emerges graciously a majestic gemstone, the beautiful island of Patmos the jewel of the Aegean Sea!




Generously gifted by God and by nature, Patmos has today a population of 3.000 permanent residents and is 161 nautical miles away from Piraeus Port, while it contains an area of only 34.00 km2 and an area of 63 Km of blue lacy coastlines.

Coloured and bright by the light of the sun and the weight of its bright history, the Byzantine tradition, of the grandeur and of its natural beauty it “travels” eternally into the boundless blue of the Aegean, being the landmark of the Holiest place of Christianity. This bright island with its long lasting history over the centuries can be called a majestic gemstone of the sky in a maritime land with full of symbolisms and positive breeze which spreads it to its visitors.

One of the 7th most important destinations for Christian pilgrimage in Europe

The “Jerusalem of the Aegean” as they call it, the island that was chosen by God 20 centuries ago, is indisputably a religious centre with a universal cultural interest. In 1999, the Holly Monastery of Saint John the Theologian along with the Holly Cave of the Apocalypse and the medieval settlement of the Chora in Patmos were officially included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, while the European Union has included it among the 7 most important destinations for Christian pilgrimage in Europe.

Patmos Skala

Indulge yourselves on the spirit of Patmos

If you plan vacations in Greece, if you are interested in a special stop-over in a small island that hides years of history, then let the etesian winds, the cool breeze of the Aegean to carry you away in a magical journey in space and in time, in sea paths and in past times, in a journey of colors and poetic communion with the sounds of the songs of the Nobel prize-winner Elytis. Indulge yourselves to the destination that your soul and your body calls for in an island that combines the transcendental with the earthly, the tranquil vacations with the spiritual concentration, the deep blue seas with the peace of mind, the devout dim light of the churches with the glaring sun light, the snow-white of the buildings with the warm earthly colors, the uplift to the divine with the warm hospital human environment. Discover the taste of paradise in the idyllic island of Patmos and we are sure that you will become one of its numerous friends. We invite you to visit us and to get to know us intimately. Here, we are all friends and we promise you that you will enjoy luxurious and quality vacations.

We invite you in a journey of colors and sounds, full of romanticism, Greek light and the Aegean etesian winds.