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The seven European towns under the Coesima Sociaty are Altötting Germany, Czestochowa Polland, Fátima Portugal, Loreto Italy, Lourdes France, Santiago of Compostela Spain and Patmos Greece.

The COESIMA program has its origin in the history of the Seven European Spiritual Places, which most of them have been recognized as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. These welcoming places of the world are full of history and spirituality.

According to the prevailing theory, the Book of Revelation was written in 95 A.D. in the Holy Cave in Patmos, where St. John heard the voice of God talking to him. Turned into a place of worship by the monk Christodoulos Latrinós in the 11th century the Holy Cave on whose walls we can trace the fingerprints of St. John’s himself, is still open to the devout Christians.

The Holy Monastery of St. John the Theologian, built as a castle in 1088 by the monk Christodoulos Latrinós. Cultural and religious centre since its first day of use, it took another five centuries for it to spread its activities all around the island – and not just the town of Hóra (Chora), where it is situated. Around this Monastery revolve Holy Week and Easter celebrations every year.